In order to make the dialogue more intriguing, writers for popular television shows occasionally like to sprinkle in a few random details here and there. 

Let's face it, they occasionally need to get creative in order to fill their allotted 60 minutes of screen time with filler words.

You might have noticed a strange name in the sixth and most recent episode of House of the Dragon.

They may all have unusual names, but Daemon and Corlys fit the George R. R. Martin mythology rather well.

Olivia Cooke's portrayal of Queen Alicent questioned about Lord Grover Tully, whose family is in charge of the Riverlands, at the council meeting. 

Unless you are familiar with the Muppets/GOT crossover that occurs in the book series, the brief name drop wasn't really significant.

In the Targaryen-focused book in the series, Fire & Blood, Martin presents a number of family members with...familiar names

There is Oscar, the "prickly" brother, and Kermit, the "green" Lord. Who is their father? Elmo! 

See, even Martin is capable of humour in between killing off fan favourites. There are numerous Muppet allusions throughout the book

suggesting that the series will have additional Muppet allusions. Will Rocco possibly make a debut?

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