Approximately 100,000 ETH, or about $145.62 million, were transferred by an Ethereum whale 

from one anonymous wallet to another, according to data from Whale Alert. On September 16,

the tokens were transferred, one day after Ethereum switched to a proof-of-stake network.

Ethereum's network value to transaction (NVT) indicator is currently at its greatest level in 16 months, 

according to market research company Santiment. Furthermore, major amounts of ETH

had been sent to exchanges during the previous three months from top whale addresses.

Exchange-based addresses have increased by 78% while non-exchange addresses have decreased by 11%.

The Ethereum exchange balance reached 21.96 million earlier last week, which was a five-month high.

A cryptocurrency wallet with an anonymous balance of $69,500,418 in Ethereum 

also transferred deposits money on Binance in the last week.

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