Apple event: ‘Far Out’ live event includes iPhone, Watch and more products

Apple is throwing a significant event called “Far Out,” where several goods live anticipated to be unveiled.

The event will be held on September 7, at Apple Park Campus and maybe streamed live online. The company’s invitations state that it will also be held as a legitimate in-person event for the first time since the outbreak.

Even though Apple hasn’t said anything at all about what it might be announced, there are several hints as to what it might be.

Everything you need to know about the “Far Out” event and potential Apple announcements is provided here.

iPhone 14

It would be a great shock if the new iPhone — or, rather, its four variants — did not emerge. Although Apple will withhold saying as much until it makes the announcement, this is essentially confirmed.

According to rumors, the upgrade will largely target the phone’s Pro model. This will have updated cameras and a fresh design.

The “Mini” size will be discontinued and a new one introduced, however, the non-Pro phone will also receive an update.

As usual, those iPhones will probably steal the show. But as in previous years, there might not be much of an upgrade, and Apple might put more of its attention on other devices.

Watch Apple

or, more probably, five distinct ones. Apple is getting ready to launch a new model in addition to the regular updates, which include Watches in two different materials and two different sizes.

According to rumours, there will be a “Pro” watch with a larger display and a more robust build without increasing the size of the Watch itself.

What changes the Apple Watch Series 8 will receive is less certain. According to rumours, it will include a somewhat larger display of its own, a new chip, and perhaps even a health sensor for body temperature.

AirPods Pro

Since its debut in 2019, the AirPods Pro has remained constant. New features are anticipated this year, however, there haven’t been many complaints about them.

As a result of upgraded motion sensors and new wireless capabilities for better sound, they might offer additional fitness tracking functions. Additionally, they might get a new physical appearance that more closely resembles the Beats Fit Pro, which fits more comfortably within the ear.

These headphones might or might not show up during the September event. The AirPods might be included in Apple’s October event, which is also rumored to be happening.

New Software updates

In June, Apple unveiled watchOS 9 and iOS 16. They offer a variety of features, including fresh lock screens, which seem to have been designed in part to capitalize on the future iPhone’s rumored always-on display.

However, we are unsure of their arrival date as of yet. Apple just stated that it would be available in the “Fall,” as usual.

However, Apple announces the precise date during the iPhone event. Typically, the new software is released a day or two before the new products. That most likely applies to this year as well.

We probably won’t get the date of iPadOS 16’s release. Apple has already stated that it will be delayed, presumably because it is not yet complete.

Macs and iPads?

Most likely not. TGermanyrumors are floating about the September event, and Apple always wants to give its major products the spotlight they deserve.

New iPad Pro and Macs with the recently unveiled M2 processor are among the most anticipated products that will likely receive their event in October. (That would also be consistent with the delay in the introduction of iPadOS 16 mentioned above.)

Augmented reality

Apple’s AR intentions have hung over all of its recent activities. Although Apple has not formally stated it, the rumors that it is developing its headset are so strong as to be considered confirmed.

Could the September incident have hinted at it in some way? Maybe. Perhaps that is what “Far Out” in the name means—a signal that while the rumored 2023 release date is still a ways off, we will at least receive a peek.

However, Apple does have a history of giving new products their day in the spotlight. Therefore, it may decide to concentrate on the iPhone and Watch at the September presentation and disclose the AR improvements at a later, more targeted event.

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