Andrew Tate

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate critic has been disqualified from Facebook and Instagram, Meta confirmed to the news.

Tate, 35, began every platform as a result of he was violating Meta’s policies on dangerous organizations and people, per Meta. The former kickboxer with 4.7 million followers on Instagram when he was banned, per the BBC. 

Tate mentioned the ban on a Twitch stream with widespread streamer Adin Ross, speech communication he doesn’t grasp specifically why he was barred from the platforms, and he trusts “due technique.” 

I’m not angry at them in any regard,” he tried to say. “It’s not a massive loss on behalf of Pine Tree State. it is not one issue I exploit too sometimes. but I do understand their position.” 

Tate initially rose to fame on “Big Brother (U.K.)” as a contestant in 2016 once he was off from the show over a video that looked as if it would show him offensive to a lady. He came the video was altered and “a total lie attempting to make conifer State look unhealthy,” the BBC reportable.  Since then, he’s become familiar around the world for expressing misogynistic views and criticizing women on fully different platforms. Among his contentious comments, he was suspended from Twitter in 2017 for speech communication that women “bear responsibility” for being sexually misunderstood, this as allegations against shamed Hollywood govt medical man Weinstein were gushing in. He has put together mentioned as women “intrinsically lazy” and he even explained that someone got to have “authority” over a lady he’s chemical analysis.  In recent years, he’s become a high figure to audiences on TikTok and YouTube – two sites that are irresistibly popular with teenagers.  While the academic degree account associated with a critic on TikTok has been permanently banned from his platform, the company says it continues to extend group action on videos of critics expressing hateful ideologies. Those videos are uploaded from fully different accounts. Videos have over 13 billion views on TikTok with the hashtag #andrewtate

“Misogyny could also be a hateful ideology that is not tolerated on TikTok

Tate has also an active YouTube channel with over 750,000 subscribers, to ascertain if it had been aiming to take any action, but did not instantly hear back. 

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